Amwins Global Risks

As the international arm of a global specialty insurance broker, Amwins Global Risks — formerly THB — delivers insurance and reinsurance coverage to clients around the world.

Who we are

We meet the exacting demands of specialty (re)insurance clients across global markets.

In an increasingly borderless world, access to global markets matters. To secure solutions for your clients' most complex risks, you need a specialty (re)insurance broker with a network of access that spans the globe. That's where we come in.

With over 550 employees around the world, and a global footprint across more than 150 countries, we've cemented our place as a top 10 contributor to Lloyd’s.   The relationships we have built over the past 50 years don’t change.  As Amwins, we have the scale, stability and resources of a global wholesale broker, plus a 150-year vision, to help enhance these relationships.

Amwins Global Risks brings the market muscle and global reach to help you secure solutions for your most complex risks - no matter where you are in the world.

100% independent.
100% on your team.

500+ UK Based employees 

2000+ Clients include retailers, wholesalers, MGAs, insureds and carriers

We work with over 2,000 clients in 150+ countries

Our 150-year vision driving our decision-making

In a sector where brokers are often tied to certain markets or operated as both retail and wholesale brokers, Amwins Global Risks is committed to 100% independence.  Our dedication to the wholesale specialty business model allows us to focus on our client and market partners 100% of the time.

One of the founding principles of our company is our long-term view.  This is part of the essence of our firm from our capital structure to our company values.  We are totally committed to building meaningful and enduring relationships with our clients and market partners. We encapsulate this commitment in our 150-year vision.  

From commercial property and casualty to motor fleet, professional risks, marine cargo and more, Amwins Global Risks strives to secure the best for its clients, arranging specialty (re)insurance solutions and support across a wide array of insurance classes.  We are your gateway to London and global markets. Our scale and relationships give us a competitive advantage in the market place, whether in placements, claims or other services.  We run offices across Europe and in Miami, further enhancing our capabilities with the support of the THB-branded network in Latin America and South Korea.

At Amwins Global Risks, we work to deliver a competitive edge to our clients and markets wherever they - and their risks - are, challenging the status quo and always seeking to demonstrate value at every interaction.  We work collaboratively, as an extension of your team—and we also channel the collective brainpower within all of our teams and divisions, worldwide. That means you have our entire firm’s knowledge and experience on your side.

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Cardinus Risk Management

As Amwins' risk and safety partner, Cardinus can deliver solutions globally for display screen equipment compliance, safety training and consultancy, property risk management, insurance surveys, strategic and tactical security and all fleet risk management elements. 

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Fleet, Property, Liability, and Professional Risks in the UK

Are you a UK broker arranging purely UK risks? Our teams strive to be your wholesale broker of choice, handling 15,000+ quotes annually across motor fleet, commercial property, business liability, and professional risks. 

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Scale, Stability and Expertise

We’re part of an operation placing $22bn in annual premium, and our wholesale business model and capital structure allow us to focus on our broker partners’ long-term interests. And while our Amwins moniker is new to us, we’ve been broking since 1968.



UK based employees


Clients include retailers, wholesales, MGAs, insureds & carriers.

150+ countries

We work with over 2,000 clients in 150 countries.

Global expertise

Our global locations and unparalleled industry expertise mean you can be sure we're well qualified to place insurance for you. 

Global brokers delivering global solutions

With over 550 employees around the world, we have the teams in place to secure solutions for your complex risks.  

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PeopleAt Amwins Global Risks we succeed together. We are committed to becoming more diverse and inclusive so that we can achieve greater success as one team, and so that our people can thrive and be the best they can be.




Our global solutions make us unique. Our results make us stand out. 

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